About Us

Our History

In April 1972, Hansjoachim Heuschert took charge of the company originally founded by Walter Brüdigam.

At that time, the company employed three journeymen, two of which are still part of the team even today. By now, the core of our staff has grown to four journeymen, with slight fluctuations depending on the current demand. The education of apprentices has been a constant feature all along the way, with an average of three apprentices in training at any one time. Most of them were able to pass their journeyman's examination on the first try. So it is not a coincidence that we offered a permanent position to two of our former apprentices, and they still remain with us today.

Since July 1, 1999, it is the son Andreas Heuschert who controls the company's destiny. Andreas started his apprenticeship in the parental enterprise in September 1989 and successfully finished his education in February 1992. After completing his civilian national service and working as a journeyman for a number of years, Andreas took the examination for the master craftman's certificate, which provided him with all the theoretical knowledge necessary to lead the company.

Customers in Northern Germany and Denmark

We provide our services to clients all over the area of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, which effectively includes the state of Hamburg. In recent years, we have also been engaged in a number of projects in Denmark, which we managed to carry out successfully and to our customers' great satisfaction. The next goal for us is to extend our clientele to Sweden, where we hope to make a similarly good impression.