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Stairway remodel in an apartment building

The object of this project was to remodel a stairway that had not seen any renovations in 25 years. In addition to a modernisation of the colour scheme, the requirement was to completely refurbish the entire stairwell, starting with the electrical system, all the way through to the aforementioned adjustment of the colour scheme. For this project, we worked closely together with an interior designer.

After due consideration, we decided to abrade the plastic wall covering that can be found in many old stairways, spackle any cracks and dents, and then to apply a flock coating. In a final step, this coating was sealed, giving it a durable and easily repaired finish. Likewise, all door surfaces were renovated and revarnished, and the bannister received a varnish finish that corresponds well with the colour of the flock coating.

With the help of some selected design elements, as well as the installation of new mail boxes and  high quality light switches, we were able to create an entirely new atmosphere, and the stairwell now looks both more roomy and more modern.